The Lemon Effect

Let’s talk for a minute about the privilege of saying blatantly racist things and facing zero consequences for it despite being privileged in every conventional way by being a famous comedian, a well known op-ed author,……..or, a CNN news anchor. Let’s also talk about how much refusal to acknowledge these double standards as a problem […]

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The Paradox of Social Science

Sunday funday, and time for a long one to follow up the Lemon post. Here’s the paradox of modern feminism and numerous social theories built around power and privilege:   By talking about them constantly, we keep them alive. Our social psychology is in many ways stuck in the Civil Rights era due to rhetoric […]

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Political Reboot Required

Because of my quirky political views (which have admittedly evolved a lot in the last few years), people are starting to see me as a right-winger, or at least a centrist, masquerading as a liberal. Let me go ahead and cut right to the chase on that (by which I mean “let me write a […]

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