The Paradox of Social Science

Sunday funday, and time for a long one to follow up the Lemon post. Here’s the paradox of modern feminism and numerous social theories built around power and privilege:
By talking about them constantly, we keep them alive. Our social psychology is in many ways stuck in the Civil Rights era due to rhetoric from that era still dominating collegiate level social analysis even though our laws and institutions have completely changed since then. We even continue to over-sensationalize slavery though that battle was settled 150 years ago, slavery was common throughout world history, mostly everyone had low quality of life then, and there are 30 million people enslaved today. I’m not even remotely suggesting we forget it happened, but, at this point it does little good and a lot of harm to sensationalize it the way we do, especially considering it didn’t even start out as a racial caste system and almost accidentally evolved into that before being destroyed.
Most of what women and racial/sexual minorities are actually victimized by in 21st century USA is a constant onslaught of propaganda that teaches them to see themselves as marginalized and helps them develop a subconscious psychology of inferiority that does virtually nothing except increase their misery and help to perpetuate their “marginalization” mostly in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
This psychology of inferiority has all kinds of terrible ripple effects that emerge from the neurosis it creates. You make the fight against your own glass ceiling much more difficult through a linear sequence of factors – internally exaggerating your own plight, tribalizing your identity and self-segregating, becoming hyper-attuned to potential offense, overreacting to mundane or benign situations, developing narcissistic/adversarial personality traits and a sense of placation entitlement, denying your own agency and then shifting responsibility for it to others, and so on. All these things actually keep us divided and make it harder to progress in any meaningful way, and they are constantly getting pandered to from both sides of our political system. For the general white population, it’s secular elitists (i.e. liberals), for women it’s men, and for blacks it’s whites.
In modern America you are only a victim if you are actually victimized by a specific act of belligerence. This doesn’t happen to most people, but men are more likely to experience it than women, and blacks are most likely to experience it from other blacks, not whites. Both of these things are broadly known, and yet never discussed. Instead all of our discussion is almost hysterically around how oppressive white men are toward women and minorities simply due to institutions that women and minorities have the power to change by running for office or starting their own companies.
It’s pretty mind-blowing, really.

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