The Lemon Effect

Let’s talk for a minute about the privilege of saying blatantly racist things and facing zero consequences for it despite being privileged in every conventional way by being a famous comedian, a well known op-ed author,……..or, a CNN news anchor. Let’s also talk about how much refusal to acknowledge these double standards as a problem on the left ties into the rise of Trumpism.

It’s worth mentioning that this statistic of all mass shooters being white males is not even accurate. Perpetrators of mass shootings are of course disproportionately male, but racially distributed in a way that’s fairly similar to the general population, with whites being slightly less likely to commit mass shootings relative to other races, not more. Now, this is an example of how we talk about either the raw number or the relative number of incidents depending on which one makes white people look more like oppressors and non-whites look more like victims. This reveals how biased even the left wing media is.…/mass-shootings-in-the-us-by-sho…/

How about we do the sensible and responsible thing and, instead of over-racializing yet another issue, keep this conversation focused on the problems with violence fantasy and gun idolatry in American culture – something that most assuredly afflicts all racial populations.

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